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Youtube comments at their best…


Ship names! The thing your describing is ship names using your surname!

Too awesome! :)

Funny pictures about Singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh, and cool pics about Singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Also, Singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Well that escalated quickly.


Well that escalated quickly. << not bad though. Should work I think

{You been hit by, you been shot by a S M O O T H criminal}

" Life hack: when someone makes a racist/sexist joke, say, with all seriousness, "I don't get it. Can you explain it." Then watch them crash and burn.

Government Agency Humor. Not that the Census Bureau wasn't a joke in itself.

I see what you did there...

I gotta admit, find the twelve year old and find the vegan are two of my absolute favorite games.

Tumblr self-esteem

These are all pretty freaking awesome. I love how everyone on tumble is getting really smooth lately.


I wish to devour the unborn! (Translation: I'd like some eggs for breakfast, please.

I literally lol'd. This person is great and I've seen another post of theirs around on pinterest.

The most awesome images on the Internet

love this post so much>>>isnt the user pizza like the more ancient version of thebootydiaries to yall?

Cereal water and sea pancake made this totally worth reading.still dying from sea pancake actually. And I will definitely be saying cereal water now

HELP I CAN'T!!! Like, I feel somewhat bad, BUT THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!

"i made a kid cry and I got a tip" oh yes, I love to make kids cry

love it! Actually was at a little cafe in Stratford-upon-Avon that had sundaes named after shakespeare plays

My life would be complete with this place. -- "it would bringeth all the gentlemen to the yard"

It's not metal, it's a large amount of assorted metallic atoms.

Not delivery, it's digiorno! It's not a scene it's a god damn arms race! THIS IS SPARTA! XD laughing up buckets over this!