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Fitbit schöpft Münze, wird wahrscheinlich mobile Zahlungen in Fitness-Tracker bauen - http://letztetechnologie.com/fitbit-schopft-munze-wird-wahrscheinlich-mobile-zahlungen-fitness-tracker-bauen/

Keep your finger on the pulse of your health—literally. Your resting heart rate may reveal way more than just how fit you are.

Great #dental #health infographic - The Ultimate Guide to Oral Health

The Ultimate Guide to Oral Health [Infographic]

The Ultimate Guide to Oral Health Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Health category. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Oral Health now!

Why Don’t More Doctors Practice Prevention?

Even healthy people are often prescribed statins to prevent a future heart attack or stroke.

I hate to sound like one of those annoying runners, but I wholeheartedly love to run.  Maybe you are already like me...  Or at least, you most likely know someone like me.  Nonetheless, I’m also aware of the dark side of doing the same running workouts, over and over again, which is BOREDOM and a whole host of other troubles.  The fact is, whether you are a recreational runner, or an elite athlete, there is a sense of boredom and tiredness that sets in when you stick to the same running…

The 30-Day Running For Fun Challenge

Circuit training is like hitting two birds with one stone. A typical circuit includes performing strength-training workouts at a high pace for aerobic.

6 Reasons to Drink Green Tea - Sharecare

6 Reasons to Drink Green Tea

The steady stream of good news about green tea is getting so hard to ignore, that even java junkies are beginning to sip mugs of the deceptively delicate brew.

Jump Your Way to Health & Fitness Health Benefits of Rebounding

Health Benefits of Rebounding can Help Weight Loss, Arthritis & Incontinence


Ever wondered how long you can save your seeds and have them still be viable? We've created this chart to.

Get toned arms with these 9 bicep exercises!

9 Bicep-Sculpting Moves For Sexy Summer Arms [VIDEO]

How to Lengthen Your Telomeres & Unlock the Key to Longevity

Telomeres: How to Lengthen the Key to Longevity

Telomeres, the parts of chromosomes that control aging, have links to various diseases and long life. So how does one lengthen them and one's life possibly?

Fitbit Privacy Settings: Community Posts

13 Fitbit Community Features You Can Customize For More (or Less!) Privacy

Fitbit Privacy Settings: Community Posts