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Steampunk Les Paul Guitar...I don't know much about guitars but I like the look of this one:)

I'm a fan of steampunk guitars and have already made one out of my Dean ML. However, in this case I think have created the world's first Steampunk Gibso.

This extraordinary guitar, dubbed 'The Villainizer' by manufacturers Thunder Eagle, was inspired by the 'steampunk' movement, which allies Victorian technology to science-fiction. It contains piping, cogs and gears in place of the usual, modern guitar-making materials.

The Villanizer - Thunder Eagle Customs P. I realize that "villanizer" isn't a word, and isn't how you'd spell it if it was; it's how it is spelled on their website.

"Heavy Metal" (detail) found object assemblage by Assemblique™

[original{Guitar Assemblage "HEAVY METAL"}] I usually don't go for Labels, but this "Steam Punk/steampunk" has me fascinated

Gibson Custom Made Steampunk Guitar, Made by carlos4728

Custom built Les Paul Steampunk Gibson guitar, This would be an awesome idea for a Guitar Controller Mod.

Steampunk Guitar. Gotta love guitar

Steampunk Guitar with sound activated light effects. Rebuild of a vintage electric guitar that I had been saving in my shop for a project, well, like this. Also features gold strap locks and a cust.

I found 'Steampunk Guitar' on Wish, check it out!

Buy Steampunk Copper Colour LED Guitar by on Etsy at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Steampunk custom guitar

Cool Steampunk Stye ==>> Coppercaster electric guitar sold to Rick Springfield by Tony Cochran Guitars Picture