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The Ten Commandments of Math Anchor Chart (@ Mrs. Mathis' Grade Math Website) and a host of other useful charted concepts!

Types of graphs math journal entry @ Runde's Room. Bar Graph, Line Graph, Scatter Plot, Circle Graph. She has lots of great math ideas!

Math Processing Breakdowns * The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity -walk and talk through the problem particularly helpful for dyslexic kids.

Arrays- Roll dice, fill in an array (ex: roll a 4 and fill in a rectangle on the grid-write the total number of squares inside the rectangle) Game over when player cannot fit their array on the game board.

Number of the day chart. Great daily math warm up to get the students in the right mindset. Can build number sense across grade levels if this is utilized consistently building-wide.

Daily 5 and CAFE for the Upper Grades

Here is a page from Symmetry math journal @ Runde's Room. This is a joy to read. The teacher has taken such pride in creating a journal entry that is clean and structured. It allows comparisons both vertically and horizontally.

one of my favorite examples of an interactive Math notebook dandelions and dragonflies: Interactively Math! This is adorable - put the multiples in the M! I think this would help reinforce the word multiple. Love this idea for my future students!

Interactive Math Notebook-Factors and Multiples. Really like some of these journal pages.maybe I should be doing math journals!

Math in Literature (organized by topic). This link is amazing! We'll be incorportating literature in Math this year. Great site to start looking into Math literature!

Of course I just finished fractions, but kids can always use reteaching. Here is a template to make a "fraction flipper" showing equivalent fractions/fractions that equal Also find music and decimal flippers here along with related worksheets.