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Something not often modeled is the Messerschmitt Me P1106, this model was built SFTB from the old Huma 1/72 scale kit.

Something not often modeled is the Messerschmitt Me this model was built SFTB from the old Huma scale kit.

Experimental fighter with tandem wing Payen Pa.22 (Payen Pa.22).

The Payen a French late wartime design that did not commence serial production.

RARE, VERY RARE! A great shot of the He111-Z twins They flew in this way, something quite bizarre

Heinkel A great an extremely rare photograph of the twins. They flew in this way which is quite bizarre.

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The Me outside at the Messerschmitt Oberammergau complex.

Payen Pa22, one of Hitler's secret weapons that arrived not in time to provide a turnaround in the fortunes of war

The Payen a secret aircraft in development among those that didn't arrive in time to alter the course of the war.

1938 Blohm und Voss BV 141

1938 Blohm und Voss BV 141 Always thought this one never looked finished

MESSERSCHMITT pe 1101  Un único motor Heinkel He S 011 iba a ser montado internamente en el fuselaje, con aspiración de aire a partir de dos ductos colocados a cada lado de la cabina. La cola tenía una configuración en "V" y estaba colocada sobre y después de la salida de los gases, mientras que la carlinga iba arriba y la cabina se integraba a la proa del fuselaje. A finales de 1944, el diseño en el papel había sufrido una pequeña evolución, con un fuselaje más largo y adelgazado y con un

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Daimler proposed a few alternate designs the model you see is Project B project C had two parasite fighters also on board ,project E only fighters and F only flying bombs none of the projects came off the drawing board