This is a really interesting photographic interpretation of a Vanitas.  The woman is dressed in the period when Vanitas was a popular subject matter.  The heart she is holding is interesting.  It reminds me of the heart of the book, that heart of something hopeful that perhaps everyone in the play is holding.

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David Cahill

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“Still life with skull” – old daguerrotype from 1850. I have a print of this hanging in my living room.

memento mori (author unknown, - all things amazing

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the Western civilization’s most significant works of art and literature

Toru Kamei, Vanitas

Japanese artist TORU KAMEI creates sensual, dreamlike paintings that reference nature and mythology. While some of his pieces delve into the enchanted worlds of serpentine gods and mermen, othe.


centuriespast: Vanitas (oil on canvas) creator Saint-Andre, Simon Renard de…