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Crookedstar's Promise [Completed MAP] - YouTube Crookedstar is my favorite leader.

If I see anymore comments regarding the skills of the animators whom participated in this MAP I will disable the comments. I will not tolerate hat.

Ashfur-Mr.Brightside this is so cool! Poor ashfur

Ashfur - Mr Brightside - it's old but it's a classic

I liked Tiger*. His father left him and ThistleClaw taught him bad, he didnt have a choice they just showed him the darkside. If ThistleClaw had not been so hard on him,Tiger* could have been Fire*'s deputy,and Ravenpaw would come back,RedTail,Blue*,RunningWind,Brindleface,SwiftPaw could be alive!And if he was nice HawkFrost wouldnt be bad, so Fire* wouldnt have lost a life to the trap and Fire* wouldve had and other life after the tree fell on him. So if Tiger* was good...Fire* wouldve…

Tigerclaw Quote - Warrior cats I think he said this when he was trying to kill bluestar

"Swallowing Shadows" Hollyleaf. (ORIGINAL WARRIOR CATS SONG / RAP)

"Swallowing Shadows" Hollyleaf. (ORIGINAL WARRIOR CATS SONG / RAP)

These are Warrior Cats theme songs with couples. If you don't know what I mean, watch the video!

Warrior Cats Couples Theme Songs: Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight - About You Now by Miranda Cosgrove Birchfall and Whitewing - Mary's Song (Oh my my my) by T.

[warrior cats speedpaint] crookedstar's promise

ive rly been feeling crookedstars promise ngl ------------------------------------------------ come little children from hocus pocus characters belong to eri.

Oh my gosh, this moment with Bluestar and the moment when Bone killed Whitestorm MADE ME CRY SO HARD! I LOVE YOU, WHITESTORM!

one of the best scenes from Warrior cats! The scene of Bluestars death. In that pic are Mistyfoot, Stonefur and Blues. A dangerous Path -Forgive me

ℳirror ℳirror//★Bℓuestar's Story★//COMPLETE Warriors MAP - YouTube (hosted by Glitch Sixxle) (warriors cats map)

EDIT I'm trusting yall to behave so have the comments back *EDIT: comments are disabled and you can thank those who were being rude and nagging about desi.

Yellowfang - Forest Fires [COMPLETED MAP] - YouTube I cried when I saw this map, yellow-fang has a sad story

tis made me CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY don't watch it unless u don't mind crying ur heart out not saying this is a bad vid, its not its actually very amazing I was just very attached to Yellowfang

Carol Of The Bells | 2-Week(ish) Warriors MAP - YouTube Longtail, Mousefur, Ivypool, Dovewing, Lionblaze, Spottedleaf, Feathertail, and Hollyleaf

Rumour has it that on the longest night of leafbare the Clan's warrior ancestors will come down from silverpelt to dance upon the lake.

SPOTTEDLEAF MAP - Tears to Shed - YouTube (hosted by Princess-Anna) [Warriors Cats MAP]

Now I know this is not funny but it's one of the best animations I have seen in a long time ( and it has one of my favorite movie songs in it )

RiverClan - Warrior Cat Wiki My second favorite clan