#fairyTail #Cana Alberona - Grand Magic Games arc

Cana becomes a much more prominent character during and after the Tenrou Island fiasco. In fact, one of my favorite moments in the Magic Games is when Cana uses Fairy Glitter to max out the magic meter.


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Hmm I just realized- Wendy. Sounds familiar plus *gasps* in one of them she's wearing the same triangle things as a certain person also wore in bad end night.

More Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima FAIRY TAIL’S DEEPEST SECRET After Fairy Tail’s revival, Natsu and his friends learn the reason behind the guild’s disbandment and Makarov’s disappearance. In order to p

The Fairy's Tales — Fairy Tail special illustration gallery [Part

Fairy Tail : Mirajane Strauss my favorite woman from Fairy tail :p


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Then and now Fairy Tail mages. ❤️ I love how the differences, they were so cute when they are kids ~ Laxus changes a lot, from a cute kid to a man, handsome man !