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Motorrad Motorrad Helmets | BMW

BMW Advertising – 1350 Grams of Protection

Hairstyles of the 1960s: The Beehive

Stewardess Nancy Jacquier, who was on a Seaboard World Airlines flight to Vietnam, which was forced down by Soviet Migs. Ralph Crane for Life Magazine [January

Dacron polyester western style tops, white belts, and cotton duck "tie-dye" pants; what could be better? Oh yeah, they are for him and her! Sears, 1970.

Twinsies Couple dressing Sears 1970 Dacron polyester western style tops, white belts, and cotton duck pants Men's Gawd Awful fashions


It’s understandable that people want to keep their prom looks as traditional as possible. After all, it’s a formal affair, not a rave or a house party. It’s not exactly the body-con mini wiggle dress type of event, and that’s okay! Hell, it’s fun to get f


Bangs & blunt ends all over k-ayo: Orange eyes model :Natalia(弥亚文化)

danismm:  60shairstyles

LASD female explorers during a special function. Unknown exact date.what exactly went down at the "Special Function?

kylady809:    Beauty From Another Time

1914 This could be a girl slightly older than Pollyanna. Many still had long, uncut hair. It would not usually have been piled high (as in Gibson Girl time) but hair was usually arranged to extend around the head and come out some from the sides.

В 1960-х девушки всего мира мечтали быть похожими на Долли Партон, Бриджит Бардо или Присциллу Пресли, а потому делали невероятно высокие начёсы и укладывали просто умопомрачительные букли. Сегодня, р...

In the there was one hair motto: “bigger is better!” Some were really able to pull off the big hair like Dolly Parton, Priscilla Pres.