What is the very first monster that Percy has killed?

Do you really know Percy Jackson?

The many faces of Percy---left out his intimating angry face that makes leo lose his shit

Leo in the back

Leo in the back<<<<<did anyone see poor will on the side he’s just like “what the hell guys, your gonna kill each other”

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A most beautiful crossover that took my most of last night and today to get done but it was worth it! Heres the deal: -Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Leo and Pi. Percy Jackson and the Crystal Gems

They tied the knot XD

I like how Hazels just like 'Hey Nico!' and Nicos like 'Hazel, Hazel theres a string on my head. Hazel, help me.

you never know with Greek mythology If Percy and Annabeth have a child...? by Luciand29 on deviantART

If Percy and Annabeth have a child. by blame Percy's side of the family<<<<< yeah blame Percy. But the doctors are so confused and then Percy and Annabeth roll with it and the expressions XD

He's crazy!

My favorite part son of Neptune is that Percy, Frank, and Hazel were like instant best friends, and they totally trust each other.

Harry Potter, Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Herondale/Lightwood, Percy Jackson and Peeta Mellark fan art

Harry Potter, Jace Wayland, Percy Jackson and Peeta Mellark. -- i'll just put this here Drawn by: Burdge. Harry Potter, Jace Wayland, Percy Jackson and Peeta Mellark.-----------i hate mortal instruments but the others are great.