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the sound of a violin can pull you in to a world of beautiful sadness the tears fall in sweet melody as the heart sings along to the the notes of life they echo on the walls of humanity

Iconic elements. Gothic fantasy

Adding a touch of Witchcraft to any Music increases the range of the emotional depth to the listener.

Malgré la pluie, la violoniste continue de jouer...

thanks for: beautiful girl playing violin from =AttempteStock (thanks you have beautiful stock in there) amazing hair brush from *Della-Stock (again,i u.

"Ghosts are real, that much I know. I've seen them all my life" -Crimson Peak (2015)

I've seen them all my life" -Crimson Peak I enjoyed this movie so much more than necessary, it was amazing!

violin girl - Buscar con Google

Liliana Sanches Davis, aka Princess-of-Shadows, is a passionate artist from Portugal who creates wonder digital artwork with photo manipulation technique.

Capa 1º Temporada

She wasn't just beautiful, he realized, she was radiant. The pale spring sunlight shone through the thick green canopy and made her glow, her skin reflecting the light.


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