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A Christian telling a witch she is going to hell is about as scary as a small child telling an adult they won't get any presents from Santa, because we don't even believe in satan or hell !

Samhain Playlist - Ozark Pagan Mamma

Before All Hallows Eve - Caiseal Mór The Gates - Reclaiming & Friends Ancestor Chant - Sharon Knight & T. Thorn Coyle Let the Fire Begin - Mary Jane Tam Lin - Fairport Conven.

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Bibbity Bobbity Boo! I just need a glass of wine, or two! :)

What is a Witch Most witches use the Book of Shadows as their reference guide for witchcraft. They maintain their experiences with spells, magic and rituals that they find useful.

Natural Garland  Adorn your mantel with an ode to the changing seasons. Gather colorful leaves and acorns or walnuts from your yard or find them at a crafts store. Drape them on your mantel, along a staircase, or over a curtain rod.  How to: Thread leaves and nuts on string or twine to form a garland. Space them out or bunch them together, depending on how you want the finished product to look.

Natural Elements for Fabulous Fall Decor

spray collected leaves black and hang them with nuts strung together anywhere :)