Too accurate. I don't just ignore. I avoid, so the people I don't trust don't get an opportunity to even ask.

ik how it works too my best guy friend is a capricorn along with my dad i have to force them to talk which is easy for a virgo to make them talk ~Aqua Ashley

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Can't believe how many downgrade by throwing their capricorns away. One day they will realize they threw away the best for mediocre.


zodiacspot: How is your Zodiac sign seen by others?-somewhat accurate. Overthinking and debating my options gives the impression of indecisiveness. Once I make a decision, there's no going back;


This is actually insanely true. Zodiac Capricorn facts — When a Capricorn cries or becomes more aggressive, it’s usually from a buildup of anger and emotions that they’ve been keeping inside for a long time.