Africa | Suri child. Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Steve McCurry

child from the Suri tribe, was photographed in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia.Huxley Fine PhotographsLondon, UKOpens May

omshantihome:    fillingthecracks:    loversdreamersandme:    (via imaginasi0n, harvestheart)      A Baby Krishna - children are dressed up for the Festival honoring the Hindu God Krishna   Photo by Kiran Ghadge

Religious festival - The child is dressed and face painted to imitate Lord Shiva.- Little Krishna


Carrying bananas to the market. When these green bananas ripen in a few days they will be yellow

'Mynga' - from the Mumuhuila tribe of Angola. This stunning girl has typical hair for a Mumuhuila. The hairstyles are like something I've never come across before. It's actually made of powdered rock mixed with natural oils so it sets hard like concrete. And inside all this the beads are threaded through. It's really quite amazing when you set eyes on your first Mumuhuila hairstyle!

wonderful work from John Kenny 'Mynga' - from the Mumuhuila tribe of Angola. Notice the 2 shorter hair locks with metal beads close to the face, like ancient priestesses. Her face is reminiscent of the wooden statues of priestesses of Amun.