Hans Silvester

Omo Valley, Ethiopia Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa. Photo by Hans Silvester

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Young girl from the mursi tribe with face painting and beaded head piece~ Ethiopia

Menino da etnia Arbore, no vale do rio Omo, sul da Etiópia  - Do livro "Luzes da África" (ed. Civilização Brasileira), do jornalista e fotógrafo Haroldo Castro - Foto da matéria http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/empreendedorsocial/1083580-luzes-da-africa-relata-40-mil-quilometros-de-aventuras.shtml

'Luzes da África' relata 40 mil quilômetros de aventuras

from the Omo Valley in east Africa

Out of Africa: The incredible tribal fashion show inspired by Mother Nature

These are from a book by photographer, Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion, Tribal Decoration from Africa. Published by Thames Hudson. They are from the Surma and Musi tribes of the Omo Valley in East Africa.

Africa |  Dassanech child, Omo Valley | © Hector Conesa. This is very like Yolŋu (north-east Arnhemland Australia) body patterns used during ceremonies.

omo walley, ethiopia, august 2011 - adolescent ethnicity posing dassanech, the dassanech decorate their faces with colored dots.