Henry Moore in his Studio

Henry Moore working on the maquette for Atom Piecem alongside an elephants head at his studio in Much Hadlam 1970

Marc Chagall in his studio, 1955. Photo by Mark Shaw

Marc Chagall in his studio, photo by Mark Shaw. Marc Chagall in his studio, Photo by Mark Shaw. liverpoolban nyílik a chagall-kiállítás, ó fájdalom

Edward and Jo Hopper, 1964. Edward Hopper's artist wife, Jo, was his only model and was crucial to his success.

Edward and Jo Hopper in the painting room of their studio in S. Truro, MA on Cape Cod. Hopper is working on his famous oil "Sun in an Empty Room", You can get a sense of how sparsely furnished the studio was.

Albert Bartholome (1848/1928) ...translated... He was a French painter and sculptor born in Thiverval-Grignon (Yvelines) . He began a career as a painter in Geneva and then moved to Paris where he became a close friend of Edgar Degas. It addresses the sculpture in 1886 to devote himself entirely , developing a technique combining simplicity with suppressed emotion . They have given : Truth , Philosophy and Nature ( Paris, Musée d'Orsay) or the Monument to dead Crépy en Valois (Oise)

"The formal perfection and clarity of her prose recall the work of one of her heroes, Edward Gibbon.