Hahaha. Me in ten years.

Hahaha so yeah, that's pretty much me right there. I did freak out, and cry, and lots of other things that are kinda blurry now.

The Step-Brother (Harry Styles Fanfic) - Ch.30 - Page 1 - Wattpad

The Step-Brother (Harry Styles Fanfic) - Ch.30

We will be best friends forever and eat carrots and watch videos and fangirl and sing loudly and stay up all night and waste all our money on merchandise and salute haters and live happily ever after in the life ruining fandom known as being a Directioner.

A boy directioner or shopping for his girlfriend or sister either way I'd love to shop with him and be friends with him


Lol😂 Even I knew that, I was laughing so hard. I was like "No wonder why he is the daddy in One Direction, because he lost his virginity at He had to grow up, even if he didn't want to.