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Tree Slices

Wood Slices, Rounds, Planks & Branches

website with a lot of cheap craft supplies... good to remember

Thick Tree Slices with Bark 6-11in

Tree Slices with Bark Round for the Dessert table.wonder if anyone can make these for me for cheaper.

putting these under the centerpieces

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Birch 3" Hanging Tags  (Pack of 8) use as a placecard or escort card

Mini Birch ornaments for #woodland escort cards or Christmas decorations

The mini birch slices come as a pack of eight and include small loops of twine for hanging. These small birch rounds can be decorated with .

Wood Tree Slices with Bark ( 7-10.5") An option for buying them if you want them all the same general thickness.

Props, Pedestals, Risers

Wood Tree Slices with Bark. thick " long x wide natural wood slices kiln dried only- not chemically treate.

Natural Tree Slices, Slabs, Round 9-12" $8.99 each / 3 for $8 each     1" thick   both sides are sanded smooth.    These are natural wood slices with bark on every side. Very smooth finish. Each is unique.

Tree Slices Round 9-12in Bark Edges Basswood

Tree Slices Round - I have so many ideas for this. Great paired with a glass cloche or bell jar on top of the tree slice. Put flowers or mini pumpkins and gourds on the tree slice and the cloche over the items

XL Birch Round Tree Slices 9-14in

Wood Slices, Rounds, Planks & Branches

Range in size from wide with a thickness. Natural product so each is unique. Natural wood and birch bark.