Erkunde Hamburg, Beratung und noch mehr!

Verwandte Themen durchstöbern	 	 Director:	Steffen Knoesgaard 	 Post Production:	INFECTED Postproduction Producer:	Henrik von Müller Motion Graphics Artists:	Steffen Knoesgaard, Peter Balicki, Mirco Lanz 	 Sounddesign:	Hannes Hoenemann Komposition:	Kollektiv Turmstrasse 	 Agency:	DDB Tribal Hamburg CD:	Eric Schoeffler, Sven Klohk, Karolin Berndt Beratung: 	Katrin Spiegel, Meike van Meegen
Vocativ "...some flashy graphics that would kind of illustrate how they mine the deep web for news stories and information." By Rahll
Nobody Tells This To Beginners - Kinetic Typography and a great message for those who are thinking to become Graphic Designers.
Faszinierende GIFs von Paolo Ceric

Faszinierende GIFs von Paolo Ceric

ISSEY MIYAKE “3D Steam Stretch” Concept Movie on Vimeo
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Asana's got a whole new wardrobe! We worked with them to help launch their sexy new look with a gradienty swoopy motiony extravaganza.   Client: Asana Agency:…