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OMG SO TRUE! My husband has it as his. Ringtone and can't help but think of supernatural

Every. Single. One. #Supernatural

My mom thinks I'm nuts!


Fan made season 9 opening title.

Unfortunately...I own one!!!!!

Unfortunately...I own one!!!!!


Totally worth the wait!

If Castiel can pull Dean out of hell, you can pull yourself out of bed. #supernatural

That's some motivation. But usually I tend to think well that whole Hell thing is fictional. It is bad the excuses I'd make to sleep some more.

Haha... True!

It isn't difficult to relate to a part of Becky. Maybe not the part that drugs Sam and does things to him against his will, but the part that feels lost, lonely, like a freak, you know those parts I get.

This man is so beautiful it makes me want to cry #pleaseloveme #fangirling

How I feel every time I look at him.


Every day of my life, Dean. I understand.

Sam funny quotes | Love is an abstract noun - inspiring animated gif picture on Favim.com ...

Oh my god, Winchester Logic. "If there's a key." Best thing ever.

100 Funniest 'Supernatural' Quotes!!

Supernatural Quotes Not Any Quotes Only the Funniest xD


(gif set) Supernatural "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"

Supernatural Valentine

Watever you want darlin


Jensen Ackles (lol no i hate you and your perfect fucking face and your perfect voice and your perfect everything, you bastard!


The only show {minus the final Merlin finale} where I have come anywhere near bursting into tears while watching it. {I'm not a movie-cryer} Just can't take it.

Supernatural gif for everything

Supernatural gif for everything<< omg the guys face and eyes 😍😍