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【Gackpoid, Kaito, Piko, Len】 Pomp and Circumstance Male Cover Len sounds amazing but poor Utatane Piko =^=


Yuuma Cosplay Costume from Vocaloid 3

VY2 Yuuma, MEIKO, and Megurine Luka

VY2 Yuuma, MEIKO, and Megurine Luka

Rin and Len-Module Pairings

Rin and Len-Module Pairings

AWWW! I WANT A LITTLE LEN!!! It's like the Diva rooms! It's soo CUTTTEEEEEEEEEEE

♥Chibi Len♥ Awwww He's soo verry cute >//w//< -Vocaloid♫♪

Vocaloid, Anime Art, Anime Girls, Ceilings

Vocaloid, Blessings


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Vocaloid x K - On ! ♡ Crossover OMIGOSH I LOVE THIS ADORABLE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY My ?: Where is Miku?

Vocaloid versión K-On! O Voca-on