☮ i get that there is a lot of pastel purple hair in my feed right now but i'm honestly either considering dying my hair dark brown or black at the moment ☮

☆ The skies are black with lead-filled rain, a morbid painting on display ☆

poisonzombie:  dollyx:  Why this photo is randomly on a reblogging spree all of a sudden I don’t know, it got posted months ago :’) haha 3!  very cute

DON'T: Don't dread your real hair. I'm pretty sure this is just a dreaded extension but please don't do your whole head cuz you will be effed when you wanna take them down.

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A dainty silver chain headpiece with staggering rows of crystal rhinestones. Attaches at the back with a black eyelet lace ribbon ties for a perfect fit.-One size-Attaches at back with lace ribbon-Silver tone