Amy Winehouse at Proud: Mischa Richter

Amy Winehouse: For You I Was A Flame - in pictures

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Amy Winehouse looking healthy and happier in her recovery time

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After Amy's death which was linked to alcohol in July the Amy Winehouse Foundation was set up by Winehouse's family to provide frontline support to young people with alcohol problems.

Amy Winehouse

Mayor of Camden names Amy Winehouse Foundation his 'charity of the year' - NME

Inevitable Withdrawl : Photo

she had such tremendous talent, it's a true tragedy. her works, especially back to black, introduced me to a whole genre of music.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse - the only celeb death I have cried over. She was so young and so talented.



Amy Whinehouse <3

Her first album Frank has been a constant in my life. I was so genuinely upset when she died, it still saddens me. Watching her demise was heartbreaking, such a beautiful, sassy and talented girl.