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Thousands of starlings flock into the shape of a bird. Amateur photographer Kenneth Barker snapped the picture at Gretna Green in Scotland.

Murmuration.  Starlings at Gretna, Scotland.  Looks like an owl, don't you think?

[Inspiration] Otherworldly Images Of The Phenomenon Known As A Murmuration

the balletic murmurations of starlings by Alain Delorme

Captivating Murmurations of Wild Birds by Alain Delorme

A murmuration of starlings

Scientists call on public to help solve mystery of starlings' aerial displays

Migrating starlings visit Gretna in Scotland twice a year, in February and November

murmuration of starlings, I experienced this in Rome, not with quite this number, but certainly a lot! It is amazing to see.  And when they are all sitting in trees together the noise level is astonishing! And I have to say, you don't want to walk under those trees!

WATCH: Chance Encounter Captures Stunning Phenomenon

"Murmuration: Chance Encounter Captures Stunning Phenomenon Of Starlings (VIDEO)"

Yosemite's night sky revealed in stunning time-lapse video...no profundities...although the guy who did a time lapse of his time lapse was great...

Yosemite's night sky revealed in stunning time-lapse video.no profundities.although the guy who did a time lapse of his time lapse was great.

European Starlings by Godfrey Glyn: " I was on the seafront at Blackpool on a cold March evening as the sun set and watched the starlings preparing to roost. The patterns they made in the sky varied from second to second. This is my favourite one in which they created the image of a bird in flight."

Your pictures: Flight

Starlings preparing to roost in Blackpool - as they swoop they made a bird shape in the sky! photo by Godfrey Glyn on the BBC/news site

a murmuration of starlings -stunning -

The Miracle of Murmuration

Immense magical murmuration of Spectacular Starlings and a single falcon over Gretna, Scotland After an abortive first trip to see the birds (they didn't sho.

starlings in flight! Amazing video's on youtube!!!

'When mathematicians look at crowd behaviour, they see beautiful fractal patterns. In their eyes, we swoop and soar like a murmuration of starlings, all as one.

Autumn, near Gretna Green. Dark clouds begin to form in the sky above fields, woodlands and reed beds. But these are no ordinary clouds. They are one of the UK’s most incredible wildlife spectacles: a murmuration of starlings.

Starling murmurations – in pictures

theantidote: Gretna, Scotland Tens of thousands of starlings start their murmuration, with Criffel mountain in the background, as dusk fell last night on the England and Scotland border near Gretna Green. (Owen Humphreys/PA) (via guardian:)

by dario sartini

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Stunning natural display as thousands of starlings form the shape ...

Safety in numbers: The starlings having a whale of a time

Starlings take on the shape of a whale as seen in Gretna Green, Scotland Flocks remain so incredibly cohesive - never leaving a bird isolated - when under attack by a bird of prey.