Circus, 1924

Circus hippo pulling a cart, 1924 It is not often that one sees a hippo-drawn carriage 90 years after this photo was taken. The Barnes circus had this hippopotamus named Lotus, who doesn't look all that happy to be harnessed to the cart behind her.


More of the family, watching TV: focused, well groomed. Totally get a sense of "family" even tho their backs are to us.

Wie Krupp in der Weimarer Republik überlebte |

Wie Krupp in der Weimarer Republik überlebte

1946-Aufraeumen in der Jaegerstrasse in Mitte.

1946 Berlin - Trümmerfrauen in der Jägerstraße (Bundesarchiv Bild

vintage everyday: 30 Amazing Vintage Photographs of Everyday Life in Berlin in the 1920s

BERLIN vis à vis der Gedächtniskirche: Terrasse des Romanisches Café, Europas größtes Kaffeehaus . Europas Geschichte der Cafés am Kurfürstendamm

Berlino 1945

The captial of the Third Recih at the close of the war. Berlin during WWII - Allied bombing runs reduced most of it to rubble