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Alfred Hitchcock helps Ingrid Bergman with her knitting on the set of SPELLBOUND.

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Mariska Hargitay knits (so did her mother, Jayne Mansfield)

Mariska Hargitay knits (so did her mother, Jayne Mansfield) - Cause bombshells knit.

Frères Lumière 1906

storamogul: “ I don’t know who these guys are, but love the picture! ” The Brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière, 1909 (The earliest filmmakers)

This isn't really a thing I can knit, it's just a cool picture.

Very glamourous Knitting but all I can think is "why does she have so many stitches on straight needles? Get you some addi turbos girl!

Mary Pickford on the set of Sparrows

Silent film star Mary Pickford, co-founded major film production studio United Artists, with D W Griffith, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks


Wee Chrissie Cheyne, seated with her serious knitting, petting a cat. She wears a knitting belt. photographer J.

My other favorite actress - Ingrid Bergman.

On the Set of “Stromboli” with Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rosselini (1950

While waiting for a scene of Stromboli, Ingrid Bergman knits and Rossellini reads a telegram.

Todds Hand Knits (Celebrity Knitter of the Week From Supernatural...)

Severus Snape, Alan Rickman, knitting (She should have gone for the half blood prince)

Julia Roberts Knitting

We had a lot of fun putting together this list! Some of these are clearly tongue in cheek. Julia Roberts states that knitting is her favorite hobby. Read article here. Yarn clearly makes Tom Hanks happy