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Check Out These 13 Awesome Manga Drawings of All Your Favorite Disney Princesses!


Look, I get that maybe three people like Anna better than Elsa? But I am totally one of them, and I regret nothing ♥♡♥♡ & i need to draw better

This is Brooke she is 16, her birthday is Dec 29. She likes painting and Instagram. She wants to be adopted into a family with lots of other sisters *Please Adopt*

Hey I'm Vlad Poe Hightopp and I'm a junior. My parents are the White Queen and Tarrant Hightopp, also known as the Mad Hatter. I'm crazy and bizarre like my Dad and I'm a bit graceful like my Mom. I often stand out in a group and I love tea.

disney zootopia infographic - Such a good movie :)


Zootopia Info-graph Guys go see the movie it's so amazing. It has fantastic themes for kids but has big themes for adults. The movie is basically all about Racism and how it needs to stop. It's such a great movie, enjoyable for any age group!

Disney Princesses Gone Wild!

Disney Princesses Gone Wild!

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Belle and Ariel.I read this as a strong feminist statement-- princesses of different kingdoms emotionally supporting each other as they rule. (Am I projecting?