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okay im sorry for this--cool inventions

okay im sorry for this--cool inventions

Color Picker Pen!!   Korean designer Jinsu Park designed a concept pen that adopts the eyedropper tool of photoshop for real life.

Color Picker

A color match pen. Touch pen to object green leaf red apple draw write same color as object August 2013

Holy crap, this is awesome!  It would be especially great for if you see a color somewhere you want for house paint or something...you could "scan it" and bring it to the paint store and say "match this color." quinnrossi

if this is real i want one now! scan a color and be able to draw in that exact color immediatley!

Awesome. these people are just awesome

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Bouncy volleyball court…I am so getting this when I get married

Bouncy volleyball court…

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all your friends could listen at the same time,  but maybe like a couple more places to put your headphones it

Music Branches Headphone Splitter

Share your love for music with your friends. The Kikkerland Head Phone Splitter Music Branch allows you to share your music with 2 other friends. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and to store.