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Claire Partington - Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture, Contemporary Ceramic Art, Figurative Ceramics, London Surface - porcelain and matte black?

Artodyssey: Artist - Claire Partington

Statement My work is all meticulously hand built, using traditional ceramic techniques. Each piece is coil built, then the shape is refi.


Claire Partington

This is inspired by the Scandinavian tales of sea monsters and the early exploration and (mis)classification of sealife.

Off with her head.

Bloody Bloody Boudoir Ladies: Turning Kitsch Ceramics Into Horror - Jessica Harrison, "Andrea"

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Danny von Ryswik

Skulls, Aliens And Beetles: Enter The Demonic Monochromatic Characters Of Danny van Rynswyk

Kathy Ruttenberg

These ceramic sculptures by American artist Kathy Ruttenberg explores nature and the built environment in fired clay like an elaborate children's book, an

Claire Partington, Girl with the Silver Hands

Claire Partington - Girl with the Silver Hands - coil built, then refined before sprigged (press molded) ephemera and modern computer generated enamel decoration is added over the glaze

David Wiseman porcelain jewelry - Поиск в Google

Claire Partington ceramic Marie Antoinette figure with interchangeable rabbit head