Great Big Sketchdump WInter by Turtle-Arts on deviantART Excellent example of just doodling, sketching, drawing

Stuff 12 by sharkie19 on DeviantArt

*edit* Oh yeah, and here's another reminder of how old you're getting with the third HTTYD anniversary that just went by.

Adele and her manta rey

I started on that monster girls challenge back in October (you draw a monster girl each day of the month)  Mermaid (based on the bloodfin tetra) , Harpy, slime gi.

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Aurora (dancing with the owl; like the greatest shit to happen in a Disney movie, because of reasons)

Once-ler Stuff by on @deviantART

If you're annoyed by all the Once-ler stuff, I'm sorry. I used references on some of these, I think it's obvious which ones. Once-ler Stuff