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I have a lot of aquaintences but very few close friends . But also many people who I would consider close friends but never talk to them outside of work or social network

Keep Calm You're a Capricorn - 8x10 Fine Art Print - Choice of Color - Purchase 3 and Receive 1 FREE - Custom Prints Available

Keep Calm You're a Capricorn - Fine Art Print - Choice of Color - Purchase 3 and Receive 1 FREE - Custom Prints Available

but do everybody appreciate my effort towards them????

I always love making my friends and family smile. And when they try to make me smile. I feel happy.

Sometimes will never happen if Capricorn does not care about !

Gotta laugh, but its true.you must be in a dungeon for sometime after youve done me wrong. Forgiveness takes time.♡♡♡ Shackles & chains, The Dragon♡Capricorn quotes

A Cap's Hug

Capricorn Hugs (Zodiac Geek) sounds right! I will just have to corner you and hug the crap outta ya!

Yeup, you should see my temper...

"I'll be rude to whom ever I feel like." --> via my sister-in-law, spoken like a true Capricorn

Hmm, sometimes, but I don't worry too much. It just makes life harder!

Capricorns worry a lot and hide their stress and worries like no other. When a Capricorn gets sick, it is usually caused by stress. I don't evvvver pin stuff like "if you're a capricorn then. but this fits me to the tee!

Sad but true

capricorn ~ this is the bad side of the sign. But we are also the most spiritual with the most potential to reveal Light ~ so true though

Just go with it

been told that. only one I would like to try it out one more time on - me hhhah

Zodiac City....So true! I can speak from experience!!

The Best Zodiac Facts

Capricorn ~ we need time, time to watch actions, they usually speak louder than words, especially in the beginning.