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Bonsai in "Italian Hill Pine" style, developed by Ligurian bonsai enthusiasts to reflect their unique pine trees.


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Image result for chicago botanic garden bonsai tree cling to rock climb

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a potted companion sitting on the soil surface of a larger bonsai. I think the companion is a Mondo grass. Is the tree a Serissa?

Bonsai Tre #bonsai Tree #bonsaitrees

Bonsai Tre #bonsai Tree #bonsaitrees

Bonsai - for the round table in the foyer of my home #Bonsai


Bonsai - for the round table in the foyer of my home #Bonsai

Bonsai gallery - Bonsai Empire This is my "Top Pic" as far as Bonsai sites go!

By far the most popular image; A Juniper Bonsai tree by Luis Vila. It is placed in a unique Crescent Bowl, which enhances the dramatic effect of the cascade composition. This is a personal favorite, stunning composition! Photo by: Salvador De Los Reyes.

imagenes bonsais artificiales - Buscar con Google #bonsaicuidados

imagenes bonsais artificiales - Buscar con Google #bonsaicuidados

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Salix alba 'Tristis', Trauernde Silber-Weide, als Bonsai gestaltet

BonsaiBonsai More Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

US National Arboretum

Bankan style Bonsia 'coiled trunk' Crabapple tree- in training since 1935 'US National Arboretum'

Bonsai garden. So cool.

Large Website located in the UK, offers Bonsai Art, Species guides for Bonsai trees, Bonsai galleries and Bonsai Techniques.