What if the ball actually was a person on stage and as the music played it gravitated towards them on screen like this, each sound a different colour and at the end the Colours come together to make that person on stage, like a hologram over the audience- using the ball technology from Dubai.

12 Perfect Examples Of Motion Design By Mark Pearson


ECM I : En ce moment, oui, là, maintenant, tout de suite, dis-nous tout !

That's why they are constantly made fun of as shown in this animation GIF thingy of a cat walking like a human. (No offense cat lovers )


Les gif de Zolloc

Zolloc's Newest GIFs Feature More Melting, More Gyrating Plasmatic Objects

Animations UI et web design 30 créations en mouvement | Blog du Webdesign

Animations UI et web design 30 créations en mouvement

The use of loading animated gif is becoming very common in web design as they provide information about the processing time.

Eo by Hayden Zezula


Designerboard - Behance, Dribbble & DesignerNews, all in one


12 barres de chargement créatives qui rendent l’attente moins ennuyeuse

How to create mobile UI animations that boost usability and bring app interfaces to life - 5 great mobile UI examples to inspire your prototyping

Christian Tailor

Pop Culture Characters Transformed into Simple Animated GIFs

Previously, we brought you these delightful GIFs of Super Mario as pop culture icons and these classic book covers recreated as.


30 animations dynamiques et surprenantes en gifs

Can You Get More Than 10/15 On This DC Comics Quiz | You got 13 out of 15 right! | DC MASTER | That was amazing! If knowing a lot about superheroes was a superpower, you’d be in the Justice League. (Probably explaining the movies to Aquaman.) | I'm a marvel gal myself, but comic intuition, seriously :P

Can You Get More Than 10/15 On This DC Comics Quiz?

If you ever think that your parents don’t let you do anything remember that The Green Lantern Corp needs Batman’s permission to save Gotham

Happy New Year 2016 par Pumika

24 gifs originaux pour vous souhaiter un joyeux Noël 2016

Dribbble - Happy New Year 2016 by Pumika