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Rudolf Krüger received the Ritterkreuz as Oberfeldwebel and Zugführer of 6.Kompanie/Infanterie-Regiment 32

"Dedicated to all the young men who answered their countries calls but never wanted war.

Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1901 (but this one was made in 1936).

Admiral of the Fleet's full dress coat belonging to Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VIII and Duke of Windsor. Date made Naval uniform: pattern 1919 - National Maritime Museum

"Hurra 4 Kaiser" , v.l.n.r. Friedrich III., Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm (Baby), Wilhelm I, Wilhelm II. 1888

L-R: Friedrich III (Fritz), Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm (the baby), Wilhelm I, and Wilhelm II of Prussia.

Emperor-in-exile Wilhelm II with his grandson Prince Louis Ferdinand in 1929.

Kaiser Wilhelm and Prince Louis Ferdinand, a member of the Hohenzollern family. Louis Ferdinand was the pretender to the abolished German monarchy, staunch opponent of the Nazi Party in Germany, a businessman, and patron of the arts.

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia. 1899, in British Naval Uniform and Garter Star and Riband

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia. in British Naval Uniform and Garter Star and Riband

Prince Wilhelm of Prussia (4 July 1906--26 May 1940), 1st child of Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia, eldest son of the Kaiser.  Like many German royals Wilhelm supported Hitler and served the Third Reich.  He was killed in action in France in the early days of WWII, leaving behind a wife and 2 young daughters.  (I may be going out of order here; like I said, keeping up with all of QV's descendants is a big job!)

Prince Wilhelm of Prussia July May child of Crown Prince…

His Royal Highness Prince Oskar of Prussia (1888-1958)

Prinz Oscar von Preussen Official portrait of Prince Oskar Karl Gustav Adolf of Prussia, the fifth son of German Emperor Wilhelm II. During the early months of the First World War, he commanded.

Prince Joachim Franz Humbert of Prussia (1890 – 1920) was the youngest son of Wilhelm II, German Emperor, by his first wife, Augusta Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein. After Georgia's declaration of independence following the Russian Revolution of 1917, Joachim was briefly considered by the German representative Friedrich Werner von der Schulenburg & Georgian royalists as a candidate to the Georgian throne.

Joachim, Prince of Prussia Born: 1890 Son of: Wilhelm II & Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg Married: Augusta of Anhalt Died – shot himself: 1920

Late Crown Prince Wilhelm Crown Princess Cecilie on A Walk in Potsdam RARE P | eBay

Late Crown Prince Wilhelm Crown Princess Cecilie on A Walk in Potsdam RARE P | eBay

Father and son.  Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm with his firstborn, Prince Wilhelm.

Postcard Kronprinz Wilhelm von Preussen, Sohn - Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia and his son