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no pienses que por estar sola  eres invisible solo que todavia tu compañia no se vuelve invisible

was looking at this picture when the little daughter years old) of my parents' friends sitting next to me asked "where is the other guy?" i didn't know what to answer x.


Or weeks, months.I get lost in my depression, anxiety.my bipolar kicks my butt and no matter how hard I try I can't break free. I don't think anyone understands this, truly understands.

Lessons I'm Still Learning About Mental Illness | Huffington Post

Lessons I'm Still Learning About Mental Illness

Many people say things, unintentionally, not knowing how hurtful their words can be. Here are some of the worst things you can say to someone who is depressed. People have said these things to me.boy did it ever piss me off.

I relate to this all too much

sometimes i get so sad. so sad in fact that i completely shut down. i stare blankly at the wall and it doesn't matter what you say to me because in that moment i don't exist

I hit that day, everything isn't fine, I've had enough, it's becoming time, I'm sick of just being a doormat, I have fucking feelings, I have fucking thoughts but can I say them, fuck no, so why am I fucking alive if I cant fucking live... Fuck that

One day you'll get sick of saying that everything's alright. ----I'm so sick of lying lately

And another

i'm just kinda tired, you know? i want to stop trying and not care for a few days. i'm a little tired of feeling like a failure. Very tired this month. Very tired.

:( Unfortunately so true...

I've really been feeling like this lately! School is getting to me, people are getting to me and I just feel so tired! The kind of tired sleep can't fix

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This is a really sad picture imagining that the empty seat had once belonged to someone she loved. The absence of that special person never goes away and yes no matter how much time passes somedays exhaust you after fighting the sadness.

but sometimes I am ok...I'm figuring out what is ok and what isn't...give me time. Ultimately, I believe it's all ok, or at least going to be!

Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Pain is about going out into a world that don't care, so we put on out mask of a great fake smiles and go home an then crash an/or cry our eyes out.

Rheumatoid arthritis awareness!!!!!! -Rheumatoid arthritis Is NOT JUST REGULAR Arthritis. IT affects the entire body including brain and eyes. -There are multiple types of arthritis. So classifying them as the same is not correct.      -Each type effects certain parts of the body differently. -Kids can also get rheumatoid arthritis. It's called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. There are different types of this as well.  -It also is an autoimmune disease and that means that it runs in the…

rheumatoid arthritis quotes awareness please. Literally destroying me and my body :( I feel for all out there that are feeling the way I am right now. Yes I am strong but am able to feel weak at times. This pain is unbearable right now.

I am exhausted from all the pain and everything I am exhausted from fighting to stay alive not only did I fight cancer once I have to fight it again severe depression and anxiety so dont help just makes everything 100 times worse.

I know that this is a repost but it just feels right

I hate it when people judge me being depressed when i did not choose it. respect your depression. Respect your feelings. Dont b afraid to show em peeps