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I am completely convinced that John will limp again at the beginning of season and the thought breaks my heart

"Oh dear goodness yes" - I commend your use of .gif and panorama technology, dear original poster. <3 haha.

"Oh dear goodness yes" - I commend your use of .gif and panorama technology, dear original poster.gif is amazing

What happens in the tunnels, stays in the tunnels....someone write a fanfic about that PLEASE

nixxie-fic: “ “Have you ever heard of The Golem?” - BBC Sherlock ‘The Great Game’ - Production stills - From the Danish Sherlock site.

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OMG BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH IMPROVISED THE PULSE BIT??!! On the DVD commentary, when that scene comes up Steven Moffat says, “That’s not in the script. Was that you, Benedict?”     Benedict replies, “It was my idea, as was the lean-in, because I like the idea of him being in shadow. Because it’s such a dark thing he’s playing with - deconstructing love into pure chemistry.”

Things You May (or May Not) Know About BBC Sherlock". "(A Scandal in Belgravia) Sherlock taking Irene’s pulse was not originally in the script and was improvised by Benedict Cumberbatch." <---He's a GENIUS

One of the many questions that has been left unexplained. Scratch that, in that episode he said that Carl powers laughed at him so he stopped him.

Probably, nothing Jim was just like " when I grow up I want to have an arch-nemesis to play games with, and I'll show them tha I care with a old, murder and then we can look back and laugh on how stupid the police are.

That's what I was thinking! Why was everyone but John in such a dimly lit place. Sherlock picked the creepiest places to come back from the dead in.

Sherlock originally was just going to stand over Lestrade's bed and wait for him to wake up, but he decided to be more considerate.

No one pouts as adorably as Sherlock! And look! He's got Martin, his attack hedgehog! @Annika Shelley

He has John Watson on his shoulder. I repeat he has John Watson on his shoulder.

how did john fail to see this?  "He saw, but he didn't observe." <---THIS.

how did john fail to see this? He saw, but he didn’t observe. SILLY JAWN<<<< for that!