Oh gosh!! XD. I especially love Ib's face on this entire thing!!

I especially love Ib's face on this entire thing! <-- Well she's always like that in the game so XDD

Ib, Forest of Drizzling Rain, and Angel of Slaughter

Read Fan Angels of Death & IB & Forest of Drizzling Rain bơi vào. from the story Angels Of Death (RPG Game).


The aftermath of one of the Ib All Alone endings (RPG Ib)

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((I know this isn't anime, its a game, but the art style is anime soo)) Garry's feelings towards Ib - comic

"Let's Stay Together Forever"  Pixiv Id 282165, Ib, Yandere

"Let's Stay Together Forever" Pixiv Id Ib, Yandere This creeped me out man. I love Eve/Ib, but.*shudders* crazy people are scary.

Ib Game, Maker Game, Rpg Maker, Witch House, Mad Father, Horror, Witch Cottage, Rocky Horror

Ib-Ib, Aya-Mad Father, Ellen-Witch's house, Shiori-Forest of Drizzling rain, Yonaka-Mogeko Castle