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Balda Jubilette

Balda Jubilette

Rollei 35 black magic red gold [ローライ35 Vintage ヴィンテージバージョン]【無料配達】

Rollei 35 black magic red gold [ローライ35 Vintage ヴィンテージバージョン]【無料配達】

German engineer Oskar Barnack had a problem: he was an avid amateur photographer who had become disillusioned by the weight of the photographic equipment of the time, an issue that became increasingly significant in light of Barnack’s failing health. His goal was to design a small, portable film camera. 35mm film was already in regular use for motion pictures; in 1913, Barnack developed the prototype of a camera designed to make use of 35mm film for the purpose of still photography.

UR Leica - 1914 Oskar Barnack works on the design of a camera for 35 mm motion picture film. The result materializes early in 1914 with the legendary "Ur LEICA", vindicating the concept "small negative large pictures".

Professional photography gear costs thousands of dollars but you can take stunning pictures by spending only a fraction of the cost. If you have the time and the patience, and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, then simple DIY hacks can achieve similar results to spending big bucks on advanced kits.

10+ Genius Camera Hacks That Will Greatly Improve Your Photography Skills In Less Than 3 Minutes

The Rines expedition in 1972 captured what looks like a plesiosaur on film during a visit to Scotland's Loch Ness. For this he received the Dinsdale Memorial Award in 2004.

The Rines expedition in 1972 captured what looks like a plesiosaur on film, could this be the Loch Ness Monster?

Camera Cabinet 2008 | The majority of my cameras sit inside … | Flickr

O My God I so want these in my house.for my birthday maybe I'll start collecting cameras This appears magnificent? So what do you feel?

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Edit your video with the powerful video editing features. It also provides filter option to change the video background with many attractive effects like reflection, freaky, epic, linen, etc.

The latest advancements in camera technology have made high-quality cameras available to even the most amateur photographers. In the old 35mm film days, taking a great picture was exceedingly difficult...

5 Must-Have Nikon Lenses for Intermediate Photographers

Nikon ED VR II AF-S IF SWM Nikkor wide angle zoom lens is one of the sharpest zoom lenses out there.