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That is their own dang fault. They are paying for the class and can choose to learn or not, and it isn't the profs problem. That is how I view my future teaching job. Along with a side of if my lecture is too boring and they resort to Facebook or friends, then I should update my teaching a little.

Funny pictures about Sad Professor. Oh, and cool pics about Sad Professor. Also, Sad Professor.

A teacher's face when... someone is not listening to his class, so he thinks "are they not entertained!?!"

Funny Memes about student behaviour. Instead of boring rules and expectations being piled up on children why not start doing it through memes!

The Classroom Key: Teacher Funnies 11

A I Guarantee It meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.


The Ultimate Star Wars Book Guide for Kids - Spaceships and Laser Beams

Teacher meme: Participate in ALL the discussions. {classroom poster}

Classroom Memes Posters Editable {Back to School, Class Rules}

Teacher meme: Participate in ALL the discussions. Can I change this to say participate in all the rehearsals?

I like this better than the original.

lol Sorry for the lack of censorship. pretty dag gum funny though.

sorry for all the math humor pics....i can't help myself from repinning because of the humor I find in them.

Quick escalation function.

That escalated quickly. Plan to use this with exponential population growth.

Mercury retrograde

If you have ulcerative colitis and no sense of humor for poop jokes You're gonna have a bad time south park ski instructor