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iron man and care bears for some reason. iron man x care bears

Super hero pickup lines Batman Christian bale Iron man  Robert Downey jr  Thor  Hulk Spider-Man

Funny pictures about Superhero Pickup Lines. Oh, and cool pics about Superhero Pickup Lines. Also, Superhero Pickup Lines photos.

When a fan & non-fan see any Marvel film. #marvelFTW

Dorkly Comic: What It’s Like To See Every Marvel Movie (For Fans and Non-Fans) -- whoa, this is so true. I act just like the non-fan. Hey, Marvel movies are good and all, but I'm just not that crazy about them.

Stan Lee In His Epic Creations (Marvel Movies)   Seriously he has the BEST cameos   Dont forget: Thor - driving truck trying to rip the Hammer from stone;   and my absolute FAVORITE: Spider man (2012)  I'm not going to say it because its my favorite scene in the whole dang film

Stan Lee Appearances In Marvel Movies <--- They forgot the appearance in Avengers!<---- Ah, ah, ah, he is on where the tv is on the news about New York being saved by the avengers.

MLNP (My Little Ninja Pony) - my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic Photo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / My Little Ponies Friendship is Magic <--- More like Teenage Mutant Ninja Ponies!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this. Hulk is punching Thor off fram. Phil--well he's just being Phil.

"A is for Avengers"-I like that this includes Agent Hill and Pepper.

Mini Milano #Guardians of the Galaxy

Artist Patrick Ballesteros created this amazing series called 25 Cent Wonders in which he re-imagines favorite characters as children. “ Cent Wonders is my salute to all the kids who never wanted.

Cute Avengers!

The Avengers – Captain America – Steve Rogers - Tony Stark - Iron Man - The Hulk – Bruce Banner - Thor - Loki