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15 Ideias brilhantes para você começar a repensar o conceito de "lixo"

tic tac container idea!

new use for a tic tac box.I have a tic tac container that now has bobby pins in it, but I never seem to have the container near where I find the pins. Maybe I need lots of tic tac containers or maybe just girls who don't leavevbobby pins everywhere!

Día a día el planeta sufre de contaminación ambiental por los desechos de empresas,  la extinción de flora y fauna o la acumulación de basura. Por esta razón se han hecho múltiples campañas de concienciación para evitar la destrucción de nuestro planeta y hogar. Dentro de esas campañas se encuentra la de reciclaje, ya sea de  cartón, aluminio, …

Use the top of a water bottle for a resealable baggie top. I could see this being an awesome way to transport spreads on a picnic instead of the mess getting in the resealable zipper tops.

Tie shower curtain rings to a hanger and thread your scarves through them.

DIY scarf organizer with a clothes hanger, ribbon and shower curtain rings. Use prettier hanger and shower curtain rings to get better looking results. Definitely going to do this!

Seal Plastic Bags with Old Bottle Caps - I'm gonna wait for an opportunity to do this & I'll totally look like MacGyvver :)

A Useful Re-use of Plastic Bottle Caps

Awesome storage idea - Seal Plastic Bags with Old Bottle Caps - cut off top of disposable water bottle. insert plastic bag through neck and screw lid on.

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Create an "EAT ME FIRST!" Fridge Box to Save your food from going bad/becoming waste/garbage. (photo only) Save money - Save the Planet

Before you start painting a room, read our nine helpful tips for keeping your project clean and organized. Great tips!!!

Good Things for Painting

Slide a rubber band over an open paint can, then gently wipe the bottom of the brush against the band each time you dip. No more paint dripping down the sides of the can!

How to Fold Plastic Grocery Bags.... Because you know the bag-in-a-bag thing looks like crap.

How to Fold Plastic Grocery Bags - Awesome! I had my bags taking up a whole drawer and now they're taking up just a small area. It didn't take long to do and works on all sized bags (I even folded up the large target ones). For the recyclables.

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Technique pour percer les boîtes de conserve / / / DIY Tin Can Lanterns ~~ Recycle tin cans into beautiful lanterns for just about any holiday or occasion!