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Last night in the Caribbean. Tomorrow back to -20 degrees. it's been amazeballs!

Last night in the Caribbean. Tomorrow back to degrees.😢 it's been amazeballs!


I am in love with love and with life. This site is just my way of keeping all the things I find beautiful together in one place. Feel free to browse and enjoy!

Soul of the wandering sea, they never did know much about me, so ill pack my bags to leave, and meet you in the other side- Sierra.

gentle wind sun kissed skin warmer weather life gets better ocean underwater sea depth blue water fresh salt waves crashing white horses force power struggle tide coast guard roar shore la Mer breaking wave sea calling mermaid

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“The word 'listen' contains the same letters as the word 'silent'.” ― Alfred Brendel And there will be plenty of grain

Being Real (and Vulnerable).

Ocean Peace Waiting for the Day to feel the water on my face, and toes to touch the sand. Anticipation on the Summer to come

Another day has come & gone.  I am tired...I am so tired, Jesus.  I sit on the verge of wasteland again.  The wasteland of misery & depression.  I stare out at it & it invites me...but I have lived there too long & I know that it only sucks the life from my soul.

Take your backpack to the beach! Perfect for a towel, sunscreen, and anything else you need.

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Getting the best possible views of the clouds shadows on the mountains.