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ILEK baut Haus der Zukunft in Berlin

Daylighting and ventilation scheme.

Amazing Stork Nest Farm Features a Gigantic Woven Bird Nest Riding Arena

Stork Nest Farm by SGL Projekt. At the top of the building there is a central sky-light with a diameter of 8 meters. It serves for intensive ventilation of the internal space by natural air flow.

Kalani's new Eco-Friendly cottages | Kalani Retreat Center - Big ...

Kalani has adopted two eco-friendly designs for new cottages. For more information about investing in stewardship, please see our Kalani Retreat Village web page.

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Mobile application for Job-seekers Information Architecture, Interaction Design, UI/UX. If you like UX, design, or design thinking, check out theuxblog.com

Mobile application for Job-seekers Information Architecture, Interaction Design, UI/UX I really like to see see the entire process behind the application.

Sharifi-ha House: la casa dalle stanze rotanti http://www.differentdesign.it/sharifi-house-casa-dalle-stanze-rotanti/ Una #casa dinamica e #innovativa, capace di #ruotare e variare la propria struttura in base alle esigenze climatiche!

Designed by Tehran studio Next Office, Sharifi-ha House in Iran. Rotating rooms give this Iranian house a shape-shifting facade.

Living Lab Low3 - bei Nacht

house by Technical University of Catalonia is a solar powered house inside a greenhouse.

Seaside villa design

If you travel about forty miles north of Auckland, New Zealand you might see the beautiful dream house: Mahina, which means moon.


Architecture : courtyard - I think stepping stones would be great between entry to living through atrium. Could be pebbles or grasses instead of water.