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Portraits von Luke Casey | iGNANT.de

Portraits by Luke Casey

From the "Portraits" series, by Luke Casey. I struggle to explain why these resonate with me. Mostly that they are all so personal, despite being a mix of strangers and friends to the artist.

Masayuki Furukawa’s photographs seem serene and youthful; his current favorites were taken at a skateboarding place near his home in London. Furukawa does portraits and landscapes but while his inspiration for portraits is a unique essence of the model’s personality, landscape is about looking at himself. Furukawa captures colour-washed scenescapes and portraits that seem to pause time, yet with their stillness comes an equal spontaneity. I really enjoyed scrolling through his portfolio…

Masayuki Furukawa

Deze mensen vonden hun dubbelganger

Rudi Kistler, Maurus Oehman - Francois Brunelle took 12 years to find pairs of unrelated people with similar features and photographed them together.

Michele Bressan

Michele Bressan made some impressive shots from some everyday perspectives in his photo series "Familiar Views.

Piracy. mirco pagano. moreno de turco.


Artists Mirco Pagano and Moreno De Turco from TBWA Italy created these stunning portraits of musicians using approximately 6500 CDs.

The “Miles Rug”, simple but oh so clever!

Big Game design studio's 2007 "Plus is More" series of functional objects. Photo by Milo Keller.

flower-shell shoots flower seeds turning your shotgun into a gardening instrument.

flower-shell shoots flower seeds turning your shotgun into a gardening instrument.

John Woo

John Woo (Hong Kong action & blockbuster director: 英雄本色 [A Better Tomorrow, 喋血雙雄 [The Killer, 辣手神探 [Hard Boiled, Face/Off Mission: Impossible II Photographer Nicolas Guérin.