Sailor Moon / Alternate Ending - Seiya and Usagi get married - Together they watch over Crystal Tokyo, and raise their little prince Chibisuke

Chibisuke, the love-child of Usagi and Seiya (in an alternate storyline). I'm not a fan of UsaSei, but that's a very cute love-child!

「セーラームーンいろいろ4」/「エレ」の漫画 [pixiv]

「セーラームーンいろいろ4」/「エレ」の漫画 [pixiv]

Really cool

SeiyaXUsagi Fanbabies by YoukaiYume on deviantART<- I love this so much more than the cannon. Chibi-usa would be better behaved. Future Seiya wouldn't have pulled the torture Future Momoru pulled. I want to read this fanfiction!

Princess Moon - NEVERLAND

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NSG - Kinmoku Style 01 by nads6969 on DeviantArt

Civilia form Princess Sailor Neptune with new item Galactic Sailor Neptune OC belongs to XNekoXMika