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catfish, um,um,good.

Catfish picture, by HavingFun for: visual pun photoshop contest

Nemicolopterus is a genus of pterodactyloid pterosaur, described in 2008. The type and only known species is N. crypticus. It lived in the Jehol Biota 120 million years ago. Its wingspan of slightly under 25 cm (10 in) makes it smaller than all but a few specimens of hatchling pterosaurs. | Artist rendering illustration

Nemicolopterus crypticus, New Tiny Pterosaur fossil discovered in China.

Species New to Science: [Paleontology • 2014] Semiaquatic Adaptations in a Giant Predatory Dinosaur, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Cretaceous Leviathan The only known dinosaur adapted to life in water, Spinosaurus swam the rivers of North Africa a hundred million ye.

Fruit faces tutorial. How to put someone's face onto fruit in Photoshop.

To create fruit faces with this tutorial you will need a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.