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That's awesome. I'm a bass clarinet myself so I can't blow hard without it sounding like an dieting animal but, this shirt is cool<<<I play flute and bass. This shirt is awesome.

I absolutely hate it when people say marching band isn't a sport. It takes so much effort not to flip them off since we work just as hard as, if not harder, than other athletes.

My karate teacher told me today that marching band isn't a sport, well I'd like to see them try it, and then tell me if it's a sport.

Yup<<<so I was going way back to the beginning of this board and I saw this. It's kinda funny that I didn't know who Brendon Urie was....<<<lol

Lol Brendon uri (sorry, cant remember how to spell his name :/ )

Marching Band 1. A group of amazing hilarious (yet perverted) people who can march in step, following a drill chart, while either playing music or spinning a flag/rifle/sabre 2. People playing music in the stands at a football games or dancing to it 3. The hardest workers in the world

Marching Band A group of amazing hilarious (yet perverted) people who can…

Nope it's wind instruments. Because damn, brass players have to have LUNGS to play high notes

you people have no clue what high notes are if you don't play the clarinet.<--or oboe.high notes are hell on oboes