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My dog is a Doberman so he is a houndoom

aoroen: “ by コマドリ ” Uggghhh why this has so many notes? D: It’s so sketchy OMG Well, anyway this is the one and only reason why I don’t feel like posting my art on pixiv :/ People repost it even if I.

Evee's other forms

To the guy waiting for all Eeveelutions, I just hope Nintendo consider this Pokemon, Evolution and Eevee Evolutions

Luxray & Arcanine

Luxray & Arcanine

Dragon Types...Fucking sick dragons are the best peep charizard in the distance like whatever I ain't posin with these fools.

Awesome dragon pokemon pic, though it is outdated lol<<< "Outdated? 'Cause it doesn't have rainbow deer and the bird of mass destruction?

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sylveon: “ kelseesi: “ they love each other ” I LOVE THIS ” Kitty pokemon…


by tamtamdi on DeviantArt Strength - C Endurance - D Mobility - C Aura - D Magic - D Moves: Horn Attack, Poison Jab, Disable and Toxic Spikes