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Can You Spot The Deadly Copperhead Snake Hiding In This Pile Of Leaves?

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Sciatica SOS™ Review

Remedy resonance for Sciatica. Here we compare the remedies that are indicated for Sciatica RHUS TOXICODENDRON: Periodic attacks of sciatica from exposure t

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Detall de la ipecacuana (Cephaelis ipecacuanha)

Ipecacuanha is found suitable for patients who are easily irritated, full of desires, but know not for what. If a child, the patient cries and screams almost continually.

Desert Death Adder

Australian Death Adder - (Acanthophis antarcticus) One of the World's Deadliest Snakes

Merc. Sol. Type

This gives a general over-view only and remedies should not be prescribed solely upon this description - the homeopathic remedy is always prescribed according to the totality of symptoms in mind, emotions, and body.

Homeopathic remedy for constipation.

Homeopathic remedy for constipation.

Mag phos to relieve pain from Cancer

MAG PHOS can relieve the excruciating pain of cancer.