Doesn’t this sound like you?  So many things that might not be our favorites… And yet we continue to return daily to the box cuz we LOVE CrossFit!!!

LOL so very true for me. Chris laughs at me everytime when the WOD says burpees. He will laugh and I automatically know I have burpees. But I LOVE Crossfit!

Fitness at home

NO EXCUSES! Home workout [Note to self: add 1 min plank to rotation and instead of burpees do mountain climbers and/or spiderman crawls). No excuses. Even if the day is hectic at least do this exercise at home

Flatten Stomach, Thinner Legs

Do this for 2 weeks and watch your tummy and thighs shrink.and all you need is a wall and a yoga mat! ( Well I have a wall and a yoga mat, but this might be dangerous for me lol)

1 hour a DAY... that's it, GO OUT AND DO IT!

Fitness Facts - calories burned per hour for popular exercises, running, jogging, walking, bicycling - estimated for person. Concept for healthy living.

Let's be honest, zumba is the perfect excuse to shake it like a dirty, dirty girl!

11. Laugh at uncoordinated people. 12. Have a reason to dance like you have no home training when your beat drops.

Zumba changed my life in so many ways. From hating exercise to looking forward to class. Having supportive friends to laugh with, dance & exercise all in one. Now I teach zumba! I love it so much!

story of my life every time i attempt to zumba. apologies to everyone around me.

12 Commandments to Love Your Body

I just started doing zumba classes at home, and I have to say I love it!

It's a Minion Zumba Birthday Party for my friend and Zumba Sista Jackie! We are going to party tonight!

At-Home Crossfit Workout

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My brain has too many tabs open!

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

How I feel going up the Baldwin stairs. Haha

We all have been through that…

That awkward moment when you ran up the stairs and now you're trying to hide your heavy breathing like it's no big deal but you're actually pretty winded and dear God you need to work out. Or when you walk up "the hill" (incline) in our back yard.